Students first: Raising standards and transforming lives.

We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of all children in our care, including those who are most vulnerable or challenging. These groups of students are a major priority and we work closely with parents/carers in helping to raise their children’s self esteem, resilience and subsequent achievement and attainment.

We have a comprehensive support programme and our full SEND policy is available on our policies page or by clicking here .

Key Contacts

  • SENDCo – Luke Barksby
  • Inclusion Co-ordinator – Helen Binney

Autism Resource Centre

The Outwood Academy Newbold Autism Resource Centre (ARC) works with 14 students aged from 11-16 who have a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Students will access mainstream lessons for the maximum time that they are able. They will be supported in a number of ways:

  • In class support from a Teaching Assistant
  • Specific work on areas of difficulty, either individually or in small groups
  • Given a quiet place to be at lunchtimes or break times
  • Support in developing friendships
  • Support in developing independence and life skills
  • Support with homework
  • Extra support in areas of the curriculum where they have specific difficulties

The Outwood Academy Newbold ARC Vision for Young people with ASD

All Young people with ASD should be equipped with the confidence, independence and skills to lead a happy successful life within society.

The Outwood Academy Newbold ARC

To provide an appropriate individual curriculum for each student that prepares them with the social skills, life skills and education to lead a happy successful life within society.

The Values of the Outwood Academy Newbold ARC

  • Students first
  • Whole team working together for our students
  • Respect student individuality
  • Open, respectful, supportive and trustful relationships
  • Empathy and understanding

Aims of the Enhanced Resource Centre (ARC)

  • To address the specific difficulties associated with ASD and to differentiate the curriculum to accommodate these individual needs
  • To provide a warm, supportive and happy environment to enable each student to develop their full potential.
  • To teach skills which will enable each student to achieve living as independent a life as possible.
  • To provide structures and routines which facilitate the teaching of strategies that enable each student to manage their own emotions and their personal and social development.
  • To help each student to acquire those attitudes, beliefs and behaviours necessary to be a fully participating member of family, school and community life.
  • We believe in partnership with parents and every effort will be made to ensure that close contact is maintained with home and that communication is a two way process.


Admissions are made through Derbyshire Local Authority. They use the following essential admission criteria:

  • Student has a diagnosis of ASD from a Psychologist or doctor
  • Student has a statement of Special Educational Needs
  • Student is in KS3 or 4

In addition the student will present a range of the following:

  • Exhibit anxiety levels such that they regularly have to leave a classroom
  • Have specific areas of difficulty that fall below the usual in a mainstream school
  • Be unable to access certain curricular areas even with support
  • Need specific interventions such as social skills programmes
  • Have patterns of behaviour that would regularly disrupt a mainstream classroom

For further information please contact:

Mrs Jayne Freeman at Outwood Academy Newbold on 01246 230 550

Click on the image below to navigate to a useful website for the local SEND offer in Derbyshire.


Click on the link below to access the SEND policy for Outwood Academy Newbold

Concerns and Complaints Regarding Provision for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Any concerns or complaints about SEN provision by parents or carers should be initially raised informally, whether by e-mail, letter or a telephone call with the SENDCo.

The SENDCo will investigate and report back within a week. If the parents/carers continue to be dissatisfied, a complaint should be raised as per the academy’s complaints procedure by completing the Complaint Form at Appendix 1. Academy Complaints Procedure

Outwood Academy Newbold Early Help Offer

Our aim is to provide support at the earliest opportunity to young people and their families in a person-centred manner using our staff or colleagues from other appropriate agencies. Together we will agree a support plan which is reviewed regularly to see if the support on offer is making a difference.

Click the link below to view the information regarding our Early Help Offer.

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