About the Academy

Chief Executive: Mr Martyn Oliver
Regional Chief Executive: Mrs Julie Slater
Academy Principal: Mr Steve Roberts
Age: 11-18

We recognise that, as parents when you choose a school for your children, you entrust the school with something that is very precious – years that are very important for your child – years that cannot be replaced if their time at school is not successful.

Our teachers are expected to bring out the best in their students and to recognise the individuality of all as they progress through the school. We offer a curriculum that is diverse enough to enable all students to succeed and we will continue to expand the opportunities available as the world to which students will emerge continues to change.

We also offer wide ranging support to students who require extra guidance through their secondary school years and recognise the immense support that parents give to their children so that, together with yourselves, we can enable your children to thrive.

We believe that all students are of equal worth and are committed to providing life chances for all. We will celebrate the cultural differences between students and seek to ensure that all within the school community are guided towards developing a sense of responsibility for themselves, each other, their community and the wider world.

Above all we want to ensure that all the young people who attend Outwood Academy Newbold achieve their individual potential so that their young talent and youthful enthusiasm is channelled into developing confident young adults of whom you, as parents, can justly be proud.

This website will give you a flavour of what the school has to offer. If you decide upon Outwood Academy Newbold as the choice for your child we look forward to working with you in the years to come and trust that the relationship between yourselves, your child and the school will be successful.

As part of a high-performing multi-academy trust we embrace the opportunity to ensure that all children, irrespective of their starting point, receive an excellent education. To achieve this aim staff within OGAT have three values in common. They:

  • put ‘students first’ – they care deeply about children;
  • strive to be experts in their respective fields; and
  • are obsessive about attaining the highest standards.

As a multi-academy trust we want to be known for placing…

“Students first: raising standards and transforming lives”