Year 7 Catch Up Fund

Catch Up Fund Statement 2016-2017

Background In 2013, the Government introduced the Year 7 Catch-Up Fund. This will enable all secondary schools to help all students who did not achieve at least level 4 in the Key Stage 2 national curriculum (SATS) tests in reading and/or mathematics. Therefore, in 2016-17, schools will receive £500 for each Year 7 student who has not attained at least level 4 in reading and/or mathematics (maximum £500 per pupil) at Key Stage 2 national curriculum tests. In deciding how we spend the Year 7 Catch-Up Fund, we recognise that not all students have KS2 data and there will be cases where some students currently in Year 7 are not yet working at age related expectations it should be noted we do not directly receive funding for these students from this fund. All students will benefit from these intervention if required regardless of their funded status.

Outwood Academy Newbold received £10837 for 2016-2017. We strive to attain outstanding standards and ensure inclusion and equal access to all learners. A wide range of provision and intervention strategies are offered to enable learners to engage in learning and reach their potential. In 2016-2017 students are eligible for additional support from Year 7 Catch Up funding.

In literacy, 58 students were identified as not meeting the expected standard for reading. Following intervention, 71% of these students made good progress with literacy skills evidenced by 41% increasing their reading age by more than one year. Further intervention was immediately put in place for students not making expected progress.

In numeracy, 46 students were identified as not meeting expected progress. Following intervention 72% of this cohort made good progress. Provision will continue for students throughout year 8. We will continue to rigorously track and monitor students through Praising Stars and termly testing.

Year 7 Catch-Up Fund Related Activities for 2017-2018

It is anticipated that the academy will receive Year 7 Catch-Up Funding of £12,000 for the coming academic year. The funding will be used to provide a range of small group work and 1 to 1 interventions consisting of:

  • Ruth Miskin Phonics
  • PAT Dog (A visiting dog to which our students read aloud to)
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Newbold reading Partnership
  • Spelling Mastery
  • Handwriting support
  • VMG literacy
  • VMG numeracy
  • Lexia
  • Dyslexia Portfolio
  • Lucid
  • 1:1 numeracy support
  • Times Tables Rockstars
  • Numeracy Ninjas
  • Numeracy home learning booklets
  • Small group numeracy work
  • My Maths
  • Parent Talk (a chance for parents to visit and discuss any aspect of literacy and numeracy support)

Evaluating the Effectiveness

The internal reporting Praising Stars© system will be used to assess students’ progress. Tracking and monitoring of intervention groups and termly testing will also be used to monitor individual progress.

*Current predictions will be available after Praising Stars 1. *