Horizontal Tutoring Groups

Tutor time is now spent in year groups, whereas previously it was in vertical mentor groups which included students from Year 7 through to Year 13. Tutor time takes place every day between 8:25-8:45am. Each tutor group is named after a country and together, countries from a variety of year groups make up a continent; Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America and North America. Horizontal Tutor Groups take part in a variety of activities including weekly assemblies, literacy and numeracy tasks, quizzes and cultural capital tasks which encourage debate and discussion regarding current affairs and topical news stories. There is also a focus on attendance, behaviour, Pledges and SMSC too.

Each tutor group has a regular teacher known as the form tutor, who leads them through these activities each day. Students can speak to their form tutors if they have any concerns or questions. If the form tutor cannot answer or resolve these then they will be passed on to a member of staff who can. Members of the Senior Leadership Team and Learning Managers also regularly drop into tutor groups.

Each year group has elected representatives who feedback to the Student Voice committee every half term on key issues addressed by the student population