UCAS information

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UCAS procedures

On receipt of your application, UCAS will send you a welcome letter containing your personal ID number, username for Track and a list of your choices. Check the information carefully and contact the UCAS Customer Service Unit immediately if it is not correct. If you haven’t received your letter within 14 days from sending your application, contact the UCAS Customer Service Unit.

Once your application is processed, universities and colleges can access it online. They will be able to view your whole application, but they will not see where else you have applied. Universities and colleges may contact you to tell you that they are considering your application. Not all of them do this, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from some of your choices. The universities and colleges will consider your application against their own admission criteria. Each has their own criteria and their own ways of working, so you can expect to hear from them at different times; you may be contacted within a very short period of time or it may be some months before you hear anything. They will decide on an individual basis whether they wish to make an offer or not and will send their decision to UCAS. Decisions will be displayed on Track as soon as they are received.

University and College Decisions

UCAS will notify you of the decisions made by universities and they may come in any order. They will be one of the following:

  • Unconditional offer – only if you have the necessary qualifications
  • Conditional offer – based on forthcoming examination results
  • Notification that you have been unsuccessful. Some decisions may combine an offer of a degree place with the alternative of an HND, usually with lower conditions attached.

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