Sixth Form Results Day

A-level results will be published on Thursday 17th August 2017.

Please do not contact the school before this date.

Students should call in to collect their results in person and these will be available from approximately 8.00am. Please do not come in earlier than this, as the results will not be available earlier. Also the results will be available to collect from the Main Hall.

Further information for students applying to university

We also have IT available to log onto ‘Track’, as well as access to phones in case you need to contact universities.

Universities receive details of results directly from the examination boards earlier in the week, and will already have started their consideration of the results by the time you receive them. They then communicate their decisions to candidates via UCAS, so don’t forget to look online using ‘Track’ in the morning of the 17th August, to see if your university has accepted you.

Candidates will receive one decision via UCAS – i.e.

  • a) Confirmation of your firm offer, or
  • b) Confirmation of your insurance offer, or
  • c) Notification that you have been unsuccessful and details of the clearing process

Once you have your results then follow the instructions from one of the three statements in the results day booklet (link below).