Sixth Form Praising Stars

What is Praising Stars?

The Praising Stars© system is used to inform you about your child’s progress. Each student will receive six reports throughout the academic year, one every half tem. This frequency of reporting enables us to improve the quality and impact of our intervention with students. We hope you will be equally pleased with the frequency and detail of the information you receive about your child’s progress.

In brief the Praising Stars© report gives you information about the following areas…


Parents/Carers MUST look at the effort grades first and foremost as a measure of your child’s performance towards meeting/exceeding their target grades. This will provide a clear indication of the work ethic in particular lessons.

  • E1 – Star students
  • E2 – Very promising
  • E3 – Hard working
  • E5 – TARGET

Target level/grade for each subject

This is the level / grade that the student should be aiming to achieve at the end of the course.

Predicted Attainment

This is either a National Curriculum Level, GCSE grade or AS/A2 grade (depending on the Key Stage). The teacher will predict what your son/daughter will attain at the end of their current Key Stage/course based on their performance and the teacher’s professional judgement.

Homework / coursework

This indicates, where marked, that the teacher has a coursework concern ( C ) or a homework concern (H) or both (HC).


This indicates, where marked with an X, that the teacher has a concern that your son/daughter’s attendance in lessons is having a negative effect on performance and progress.

Parent Evening Requests

Appointments at these events are always available by request, either by a teacher or by parents/carers

Praising Stars Assessment Schedules (2017-2018)