Sixth Form Exams

Mock Exams

The A Level (Y12 and Y13) Mock Exams will be held from Monday 26th February 2018 to Friday 2nd March 2018.

  • AM exams start at 8.30 – finish at 11:00, (longest exam each morning is 2 hours 30 mins).
  • PM exams start at 12.30 – finish at 14.30, (longest exam each afternoon is 2 hours).

Please use the link below to view the timetable.

Glossary and Information

AS Level – First year Post 16 courses; all students study four AS courses in Year 12.

A2 Level – Second year Post 16 courses; students study three A2 courses in Year 13.

AS Level (new) – Standalone qualification that is worth half an A Level. These will be awarded at the end of Year 12.

A Level (new) – Standalone qualification that assess knowledge from Year 12 and Year 13. These are awarded at the end of Year 13.

Aural Exam – A listening examination taken by students studying languages.

BTEC – A course consisting of credits. Each unit studied has a credit value.

Coursework – A piece of work worth a percentage of the final mark that is completed independently by students with guidance from their teacher.

Module – A unit of work that is assessed through examination. AS and A2 syllabi consist of approximately two or three modules that are all assessed through an examination or coursework.

Oral Exam – A speaking examination taken by students studying languages.

Practical Exam – A piece of work that is assessed through observation by the teacher e.g. Dance, Drama and PE, or a piece of work that is completed within a time frame e.g. Art.

UnitsBTEC courses consist of three or six units of study depending on whether students are studying a BTEC Certificate (one year), or a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma (two year).

November 2016 – examination series
GCSE Maths and English Re-sits – 01/11/2016 to 10/11/2016 inclusive
Results issued to students – 12/01/2017

Summer 2017 – examination series
GCE examinations – 15/05/17 to 29/06/17 inclusive. Results issued to students – 18/08/17

Please Note:

  • Practical, performance, speaking, oral and controlled assessments are conducted by subject departments within the timescale given by the Examination Boards. These types of units are not shown on student timetables but do show on their ‘Statement of Entry’. These units will be arranged by the Centre according to the regulations and procedures set out by the individual Examination Boards.
  • Individual Examination Timetables and Statements of Entry are provided to you and require careful checking upon receipt to ensure you have been entered for the correct examination/s. It is your responsibility to ensure that your examination timetable is accurate.
  • An Examinations Instruction Booklet is issued to you prior to your examinations. Please take the time to look through this booklet and discuss the requirements with regard to equipment you will need, the examination board regulations and Outwood Grange Academy expectations of students taking examinations.

Access Arrangements
A student may be provided with extra time, a reader, a word processor or a scribe for controlled assessment, internal exams and external examinations. If you feel you need to be assessed for this provision, please contact your Learning Manager in the first instance.