PE and HSC

Physical education should inspire a love of physical activity/sport and the inquisition to remain fit, active and healthy through diet and exercise

PE/H&SC Department

  • Mr B Winter – Head of PE
  • Miss A McLachlan – Teacher of PE
  • Miss L Rogers – Teacher of PE
  • Miss D Hucknall – Teacher of PE
  • Mr A Tice – Teacher of PE
  • Mr C Stanley – Teacher of PE
  • Mr T Watson – Teacher of PE


In every one of our academies a vast number of after- academy enrichment activities take place each week. Students are provided with opportunities to add depth to their learning and develop personal skills through a rich and varied enrichment programme.

Students will have the chance to enjoy new experiences and consolidate their timetabled learning through this programme. Further detailed information on the opportunities available to students can be found in the academy’s Enrichment Brochure by clicking HERE

Course Overviews

Please use the links below to view the curriculum overviews for PE and HSC which contain the details of the courses we run at both L2 (Y9-10) and L3 (Y12-13). PE and HSC both follow BTEC qualifications at L2 and L3 and are popular choices amongst our students.

Core PE (Y7-11)

Level 2 BTEC Tech Award (Y9-10) – Sport, Activity and Fitness & HSC

Level 3 BTEC Nationals (Y12-13)

L3 Extended Diploma in Sport (CFC Football in Education Programme)

L3 Extended Certificate in HSC