Languages (MFL)

Language means ‘the method of human communication used by a particular community’. The study of a different language will enable you to develop an understanding of another culture and therefore gain a more profound understanding of your own language and culture.

Modern Foreign Languages Department

  • Mrs. A Foster – Head of MFL
  • Mrs. H Davie – Teacher of MFL
  • Miss M Celi – Teacher of MFL
  • Miss A Burton – Teacher of MFL

At Outwood Academy Newbold we teach French and German


In every one of our academies a vast number of after- academy enrichment activities take place each week. Students are provided with opportunities to add depth to their learning and develop personal skills through a rich and varied enrichment programme.

Students will have the chance to enjoy new experiences and consolidate their timetabled learning through this programme. Further detailed information on the opportunities available to students can be found in the academy’s Enrichment Brochure by clicking HERE

Use the vocabulary and notes in your class books as well as the VocabExpress website link.


Use the link(s) below to view the revision resources.

A Level

Use the link(s) below to view the revision resources.

AQA GCE A Level French/German

• Social issues and trends

Aspects of German/French-speaking society e.g. The digital world, youth culture and family.
Multiculturalism in German/French-speaking society e.g. immigration, integration and racism.

• Political and artistic culture

Artistic culture in the German/French-speaking world e.g. festivals, art, cultural life in Berlin/Paris.
Aspects of political life in the German/French speaking world e.g. Germany/France and the EU, Politics and youth and German reunification / French history.

• Grammar

Including nouns, adjectives, verbs, word order, tense and the case system in German.

• Works

Literary texts and works.
Students study either one text and one film or two texts.

• Individual Research Project

Students must identify a subject or a key question which is of interest to them and which relates to
a country or countries where German/French is spoken. The will complete individual research on this.