Humanities Department

Humanities Department

  • Mrs E Taylor – Head of Department
  • Mr T Reed – Head of Department
  • Mr C To – Second in Humanities
  • Mr T Witts – Teacher of Geography/Acting Assistant Principal
  • Mr T Houlton – Teacher of Geography
  • Miss R Preyer – Teacher of Geography

Humanities Enrichment

Key Stage 3

The History course at Key Stage 3 provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to access the Edexcel GCSE course in Key Stage 4. The curriculum aims to provide students with a broad and balanced knowledge across the two years of study.


A-Level History

AQA GCE A Level History
Paper 1 AS Unit 1: Stuart Britain and the crisis of Monarchy 1603-1702
Paper 2 Unit 2: Revolution and Dictatorship: Russia, 1917-1929