Art and Photography

Art is a valuable subject for all to study whether you are a gifted painter or sculptor or have never engaged in any artistic pathways outside of school. Art’s place in your education has important wider benefits in your personal and social
development building your resilience, self-esteem, sense of achievement and indeed how you view the world.

Art & Photography Department

  • Mrs. M Tice – Head of Art
  • Miss H Shuma – Art Teacher
  • Miss N Sullivan – Art Teacher
  • Miss B Wadkin-Snaith – Art Teacher
  • Mrs. L Pattinson – Art Technician


In every one of our academies a vast number of after- academy enrichment activities take place each week. Students are provided with opportunities to add depth to their learning and develop personal skills through a rich and varied enrichment programme.

Students will have the chance to enjoy new experiences and consolidate their timetabled learning through this programme. Further detailed information on the opportunities available to students can be found in the academy’s Enrichment Brochure by clicking HERE

GCSE Photography

Students get the opportunity to express themselves through a lens rather than traditional tools such as a paint brush or pencil. They are taught the basic skills of taking quality images using the digital SLR cameras and then move on to more advanced techniques of exploring shutter speed whilst creating light drawing images. Photoshop editing is also taught and experimented with to express ideas and creativity whilst responding to other photographers and influences.

Key Stage 5

AQA GCE A Level Art & Design
Year 1- Portfolio of work exploring skills & processes with the theme of identity.
Year 2 – Portfolio of work exploring a theme such as Twisted & Tangled.

AQA GCE A Level Photography

• The ability to work independently
• Good camera skills & editing skills
• A basic knowledge of traditional & contemporary photographers

Welcome to the Year 7 & 8 Virtual Art exhibition

We are please to introduce our year 7 or 8 virtual art exhibition. It’s a celebration of the work they’ve produced so far this year . Please follow the link and go to your child’s class/teacher to view the relevant video. They have produced some wonderful work so we hope you enjoy.

Y7 & 8 Art Exhibition

For revision please use the website links below.

If you would like further information about the topics, themes or assessment for this course please contact: Mrs Melanie Tice,