Revision Performing Arts

Here in Performing Arts we offer an inclusive, creative and engaging curriculum for all students and each key stage. The faculty offers an extensive extra-curricular program which includes Drama club, Dance club, Show Choir, Band and rehearsal for the whole school musical.


Drama is a subject which encourages creativity, enthusiasm, confidence and to use imagination skills.
At KS3 students learn a set of skills such as performance skills, directing and devising.

In Year 7 students study Darkwood manor, Physical Theatre, Script-work and Macbeth. Students will develop communication, problem solving and leadership skills. Along with these skills, students will gain confidence as performers and directors.

In Year 8 students study Script-work, Genre, Performance style, Physical Theatre and take part in the Y8 Drama festival at Christmas. Along with the skills students have learnt in Y7, this year will prepare students for KS4 Drama and ensure they have the right subject knowledge and understanding the start the course.

At KS4 we deliver the BTEC in Performing Arts which consists of practical work and written work. Students gain confidence, communication , focus, teamwork and performing skills.

At KS5 students currently study the Edexcel Drama and Theatre AS qualification. This consists of two components, Exploration and Performance and Theatre Makers in Performance.


We now teach Dance at KS5 and are following the level 3 BTEC in Performing Arts. This consists of 4 units, Choreography, Practitioner influences, Group performance workshops and Improvisation. Students take part in practical workshops every week alongside the coursework element of the course.


Music is a fun and exciting subject which gives students the confidence to be creative and enthusiastic when working independently and in group work. Music encourages students to have a unique way of communicating and the topics focus on performing, listening and composing.
Students cover a range of topic in KS3. Year 7 students will discover the elements of music through body percussion and use of the drums, composing music on the Mac computers, playing the ukulele and African drums. These topics will help students develop their leadership skills and will introduce them to a wide range of instruments.
Year 8 students will be introduced to Musical Futures where they will continue to develop their instrumental skills and collaborate with other students in bands. Students will also learn and perform Reggae music, develop their composing skills on the Mac computers and look at how to perform ‘Recycled Rhythms’, based on the musical ‘Stomp!’.
KS5 students are currently studying the BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Music (Performing) course which consists of the three units; Music Performance Techniques, Pop Music in Practice & Aural Perception Skills.