Use of Face Coverings

Wearing of face masks in communal areas from Monday 19 October

We have constantly reviewed the position of the academy based on expert guidance provided by Public Health England, Derbyshire Local Authority and the Department for Education. Since Chesterfield has now been identified as a tier 2 and an area of national government intervention the following guidance needs to be implemented.

Students and staff will now be required to wear a face covering in communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

This will be implemented from Monday 19 October

Please note students and staff are not required to wear face masks in classrooms.

We are aware that a small number of students will be exempt from wearing a face covering. We ask that parents of children who are exempt contact the academy as soon as possible via giving full details.

When will students be expected to wear a face covering?

Academy gate – students are now expected to put their face covering on at the academy gate as they arrive in the morning, whilst they are waiting, and whilst walking their year group route to enter the building.

Student year entrances – students should wear their face covering whilst on their way to and from their year group entrance to the building, at start and end of each day, and at the end of breaks/lunchtimes as they make their way to their classroom.

Staircases and corridors – a face covering should be worn whenever a student is on a corridor or staircase, be it walking to break or lunch, or start or end of the day, or to the toilet.

Changing for PE – when students are in the changing rooms for PE.

When will students not be expected to wear a face covering?

Seated in lessons – students are not expected to wear their face covering whilst seated during their lessons. They will be reminded to put on their face covering when getting ready to stand up and leave the room.

Seated in the dining area – students are not expected to wear a face covering when eating or drinking at break and lunchtime, when seated in the dining area, or when talking to friends whilst seated at break and lunchtimes. Students will continue to sit facing forwards, as they have been since September.

Please note that staff will wear coverings at the same times students are expected to.

Parental support

We are grateful for the continued support shown by parents since we reopened in September. By helping to ensure all students bring a face covering to school from Monday 19 October it will ensure we adapt our practice in line with local and national guidance in order to ensure the safety of students and staff during these ever changing times.

It is best practice for face coverings to be stored in a small plastic ziplock bag, so each student having one of these would be greatly appreciated too. If you are unable to provide your child with a face covering, please ask them to speak to their learning manager, but this should only be in exceptional circumstances.

If you have any queries please raise them with your child’s learning manager in the first instance or via

Once again I would like to thank you for your continued support.