Year 13 need your help to win £5000


Year 13 students have entered into a competition, (offered by Sheffield Hallam University), to win £5000 towards their Prom at the end of the year.

Each school simply had to create their own video to showcase why they think they should win over the other schools who entered. You can watch our video on Sheffield Hallam University’s official Facebook page

However, to win they now need your help!

Parents, families and friends who are old enough to have their own Facebook account are asked to ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ or ‘Share’ the original post on the Sheffield Hallam University’s official Facebook page. You can use the direct link here:

Please note that only ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’ or ‘Shares’ made directly on the original post by Sheffield Hallam University will count. So please check you are not doing so on any posts that have already been kindly shared.

The simplest way to help, is to:

  • Visit the link
  • Click ‘Like’

Many thanks,
Year 13 (OAN)