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Students gain an insight into the lives of children living in poverty.

The 'Compassion Experience' offers students a unique journey into the lives of children living in poverty. Step inside the real stories of two children, Shamim and Sameson, as they journey from poverty to hope. Click link for more information.



Childhood sweethearts return to school for a romantic proposal!

Two former Newbold students came back into school over the Summer for a date in the very location that they first met as Sixth Form students, but the rendezvous was actually a carefully planned marriage proposal. Check out the romantic images...



Creativity shown by our Resistant Materials students

To support students develop their skills for the Resistant Materials course, a ‘desk-tidy’ project was undertaken, which enabled students to work collaboratively. Check out the images of the finished products being presented to staff.



Trutex Uniform Event on Wednesday 19th July between 14.30 and 17:00

A great opportunity to order new or replacement items of school uniform and clothing at the Trutex Uniform Event, which is taking place at Outwood Academy Newbold, on Wednesday 19th July between 14.30 and 17:00.



Online Safety Information Evening Summer 2017

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the information evening to help reduce risks and make informed decisions regarding online and e-safety.